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How to play golf boss

What's wrong with golf not far away

2022-06-24 20:04How to play golf boss
Summary: How far to play golfGolf is a sport of hitting the ball continuously through the club and finally hitting the hole. However, golf is generally held outdoors, because the distance between the service p
How far to play golf
Golf is a sport of hitting the ball continuously through the club and finally hitting the hole. However, golf is generally held outdoors, because the distance between the service point and the hole is usually very long, so it can only be suitable for this sport outdoors, and a golfer does not consider any reasonThe reason why the golf high school iron is high and not far away
Here is a personal guess: there is something wrong with your ball position. The iron ball position is usually between the two feet. You may put it later to make the actual Club angle larger, and the trWhat's wrong with golf not far awayajectory will be higherHow to play golf if you see the height but not the distance
As for the hitting position, don't go too far down, just like playing football. If you just kick down, the ball won't go too far. You can play football to find the feeling, and then try againWhy do I play golf with high trajectory but not far away
Under the same strength, the angle is the biggest reason for the distance. It is farthest toWhat's wrong with golf not far away go out at a 45 degree angle. Adjust the position slightly and try again
How far can I play golf
For many junior golf enthusiasts, it is common to miss the ball, fly not far, or even miss. In the face of such an embarrassing and angry situation, it is possible to properly summarize experience and adjust posture! A good downward stroke should start from the bottom up - the swing should be guided by the lower bodyI have been playing golf for half a year. The longest distance of No. 7 iron is 130 yards. If I play high, I can't play far. I would like to ask you masters have
Don't just use your hands to play. You should feel the strength of your body. You don't have to be like a star, but you need to feel smooth. You should be patient. The progress of golf is gradual. It's fundamental to master the correct method and practice moreWhy can't you play golf
Look at the number of poles you are using. Generally, the problem of not being able to hit the ball lies in the action, and the action is wrong when the shot is up or down. Some are standing posture problems, and others are getting up too fast... Not far. The question is how to play golf vigorously when you want to play far away? Often hit the ball head
Relaxation is to practice the action well. Only when the action is fixed can we kick off vigorously. To make the movement form muscle memory, it is almost enough to relax and practice the movement and hit 20000 balls. It's not easy to get to 80 without a good action. It's not easy without 70, 80, 000 balls
How to play golf well
The perfect swing is that every swing is exactly what you want. No one can make a perfect swing, and there is no perfect swing in thWhat's wrong with golf not far awayis world. Even the world's top players sometimes make mistakes. What we need to achieve is to have a stable swing and be able to play a similar path stably. For exampleHow to play golf further
Therefore, when there is a wrong ball, don't always simply consider the problem of the moment of the impact ball, which can only make people more confused. We must go back to the root and find the root cause. Only in this way can we make rapid progress. Don't think about hitting a point when you hit the ball
What's wrong with golf not far away

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